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  1. And Bender doesn't limit his frugality to the workplace.
  2. During his NBA days, Newlin was known for his frugality.
  3. The efforts have been carried out with an eye toward frugality.
  4. You are going to have to be the king of frugality.
  5. One demand that the channel does place on filmmakers is frugality.
  6. It's also about Angels profligacy vs . Athletics frugality.
  7. Johnston said her frugality has nothing to do with the economy.
  8. But officials have bowed slightly to complaints about the frugality campaign.
  9. The army was beset by constant government frugality and several reorganisations.
  10. It is a design that benefits greatly from frugality and minimalism.
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  1. prudence in avoiding waste

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