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  1. Its diet is stated to be that of a frugivore.
  2. Unlike most monitors, it is a specialized frugivore.
  3. Frugivore birds disperse the seeds of banyans.
  4. The Jamaican fruit bat is a frugivore.
  5. The dusky fruit bat is a frugivore.
  6. It has been concluded as a frugivore or omnivore that lived in forests and shrubs.
  7. The teeth also suggest that these were frugivore primates, with a body mass of.
  8. It could have been a piscivore ( feeding on small fish ), or a frugivore.
  9. The white-backed mousebird is a frugivore which subsides on fruits, berries, fiddlewoods.
  10. Scientists say fruit-frugivore relationships are at the heart of understanding the dynamics of tropical forests.
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