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  1. On the contrary, Sade's demoniacal cultural energy seems far from spent.
  2. The Parliament nominated eleven physicians who all unanimously reported that there was nothing demoniacal in the matter.
  3. This is understandable; with his Nazi-style ethnic-cleansing in Bosnia, he has shown himself to be demoniacal.
  4. It was thought that demoniacal forces were attracted to those who were prone to melancholy, particularly single women and the elderly.
  5. He ultimately became a devout believer in demoniacal and spiritual possession; and his later writings are all strongly impregnated with supernaturalism.
  6. Taylor's thesis was that Hitler was not the demoniacal figure of popular imagination but in foreign affairs a normal German leader.
  7. A number of pamphlets were written, some denouncing him as a cheat, and others supporting the theory of his demoniacal possession.
  8. Grammer will star as the demoniacal title character, whose unjust imprisonment, coupled with the loss of his wife, leads him to exact a terrifying revenge.
  9. For a century, the verbed noun meant " to render demoniacal, " to make appear like a demon-- an evil spirit of lower rank than a devil.
  10. Demoniacal is that, asserts the Upanishad, where one practices austerity and Japa ( muttering mantras ) while simultaneously living a life that harbors " cruel desire, hatred, pain and hypocrisy " of any kind.
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  1. frenzied as if possessed by a demon; "the soldier was completely amuck"; "berserk with grief"; "a berserk worker smashing windows"
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