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  1. Cappel-Coffey was diagnosed with hypertension in 2002 and died last year.
  2. ;Cappel Newsaint : An unlocated medieval chapel stood somewhere in Mynydd Mechell.
  3. In 1984, they co-founded the American Ballroom Theater Company with Otto Cappel.
  4. Tommy Cappel met Zoe Jakes when they were both members of Extra Action Marching Band.
  5. Cappel grew up in Fairfax, Virginia.
  6. When a group of friends and musicians moved to San Francisco, Cappel joined them.
  7. Alvah Cappel said as he showed off the prison's facilities during a tour this fall.
  8. By April 12, the Germans were in light artillery range of Sainte-Marie-Cappel.
  9. Clark also noted that Wisconsin has dedicated its season to former assistant Dylan Cappel, who died in January.
  10. The suspects were apprehended after a train came to an emergency stop in Wallon-Cappel, near Hazebrouck.

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