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ऊपरी पट्टी
ऊपरी पट्‍टी
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  1. Mike Macfarlane hit his fifth homer, capping the Boston scoring.
  2. Capping all of this was the end of the Cold War.
  3. And the home run countdown is just capping it off perfectly.
  4. Teeth-capping costs made this show too prohibitive after SBXX.
  5. Democrats see an answer in capping the profits of energy conglomerates.
  6. Nece is capping a distinguished career on and off the field.
  7. It needs extensive revenue sharing and some way of capping salaries.
  8. Dr . Gould had just published two career-capping works.
  9. It is a small shield volcano with a capping cinder cone.
  10. Capping with 7-methylguanylate prevents 52 degradation in two ways.
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