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  1. Taxes did go up, and domestic spending was effectively capped.
  2. We thought we had better buy quick before they capped construction,
  3. The Massachusetts slayings capped 22 months of abortion-related violence.
  4. -- Keep gasoline only in tightly capped, approved containers.
  5. The bill would have capped punitive damages in all civil lawsuits.
  6. He capped his post-season career with Oakland in 1990.
  7. That just capped one of the worst days of my life,
  8. The loss capped a disappointing effort by the Trojans'backcourt.
  9. Luis Sojo capped the uprising with a run-scoring single.
  10. Tim Naehring capped the rally with a two-run single.


  1. covered as if with a cap or crown especially of a specified kind; "cloud-capped mountains"; "brown-capped mushrooms"; "snow-capped peaks"
  2. used especially of front teeth having (artificial) crowns; "capped teeth gave her a beautiful smile"

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