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• ब्रोच मशीन
broaching:    बरमा सलाई सीख
machine:    कल बाइसिकिल मशीन
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  1. Vertical broaching machines rarely have a stroke longer than.
  2. The two ram pull-down machine is the most common type of broaching machine.
  3. Horizontal broaching machines are designed for pull broaching, surface broaching, continuous broaching, and rotary broaching.
  4. Push broaching machines are similar to an arbor press with a guided ram; typical capacities are 5 to 50 tons.
  5. Vertical broaching machines can be designed for push broaching, pull-down broaching, pull-up broaching, or surface broaching.
  6. Horizontal machines used to be much more common than vertical machines; however, today they represent just 10 % of all broaching machines purchased.
  7. The production of mahogany furniture in Dachong can be traced back to the late 1970s when several carpenters started a workshop, producing broaching machines.
  8. The process begins by clamping the workpiece into a special holding fixture, called a " workholder ", which mounts in the broaching machine.
  9. Broaching machines are relatively simple as they only have to move the broach in a linear motion at a predetermined speed and provide a means for handling the broach automatically.
  10. The broaching machine " elevator ", which is the part of the machine that moves the broach above the workholder, then lowers the broach through the workpiece.
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