broaches meaning in Hindi

broaches sentence in Hindi
• बरमा
• सलाई
• सीख

• सीकचा
• सीखचा
• छेदना
• चर्चा चलाना
• छेद बनाना
• आरम्भ करना
• चर्चा करना
• चर्चा उठाना
• बात उठाना
• खोलना
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  1. Wollard inserted a tiny rough-edged instrument called a broach.
  2. They said they would try to broach the subject on Thursday.
  3. Few politicians dare broach the issue of separating state from religion.
  4. She wore a dark-blue jacket with a golden broach.
  5. She broaches the idea with their father who rejects it outright.
  6. A tall broach spire surmounted the apex of the western facade.
  7. Let us now broach the sensitive subject of Monica's brooch.
  8. As a verb, to broach carried forward that meaning of turning.
  9. No one has to broach the subject of aging with Lanny Wadkins.
  10. I decided not to broach the possibility with any of the Astros.
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