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  1. But he politely broached the subject before Friday's game.
  2. Sagan first broached this subject in a scientific article in 1961.
  3. Verwaayen also cautiously broached the politically sensitive issue of telephone charges.
  4. Even if he never broached the subject, reporters always did.
  5. He first broached the subject back in August during training camp.
  6. Nothing was ever broached about what she did 30 years ago.
  7. That was a signal that alliance forces had broached Taliban lines.
  8. She was broached onto the beach, " he said.
  9. Ten torpedoes broached, made erratic runs, or were duds.
  10. The prospect of a merger between these schools is regularly broached.
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  1. of a cask or barrel; "the cask was set abroach"

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