broaching meaning in Hindi

broaching sentence in Hindi
• बरमा
• सलाई
• सीख

• सीकचा
• सीखचा
• ब्रोचन
• छेदना
• चर्चा चलाना
• छेद बनाना
• आरम्भ करना
• चर्चा करना
• चर्चा उठाना
• बात उठाना
• खोलना
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  1. Broaching an issue indelicately, the applicant sounds greedy and lazy.
  2. On one run, people were spinning out and jibe broaching.
  3. But by Friday, he was broaching the subject with reporters.
  4. Many of us simply have a hard time broaching uncomfortable subjects.
  5. Here, the broaching problem was resolved by beaching stern first.
  6. Before broaching the subject, Hawkins conversed with Utah polygamists.
  7. But broaching the problem wasn't enough to satisfy some critics.
  8. Other conventional machining operations include shaping, planing, broaching and sawing.
  9. Another cause of broaching is encountered in heavy seas and high winds.
  10. Producer Nick Vanoff started forbidding guests from broaching controversial topics.
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