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  1. Portable beaching gear could be attached by ground crew so that the aircraft could be pulled up on land.
  2. The aircraft would then be immediately put onto a slipway with its wheeled beaching gear or beached on a sandy shore before it could sink.
  3. Kawanishi converted the Type T to a utility transport, fitting it with a retractable beaching gear, and as such it entered service with the Navy as the Navy Type 94 Transport, but no production followed.
  4. Like " 10 ", they were used for trials of airborne radio, as well as carrying out tests of beaching gear . they were used for anti-submarine patrols early in the war, " 20 " continuing in use from the seaplane station at Great Yarmouth until July 1915.
  5. Some non-amphibious seaplanes may be mistaken for amphibians ( such as the Shin Meiwa PS-1 ) which carry their own beaching gear-usually this is a wheeled dolly or temporary set of wheels used to move a flying boat or floatplane from the water and allow it to be moved around on land but can also appear as a conventional undercarriage.
  6. The final deliveries included six non-rigid airships, several kite balloons and additional aircraft, including two Royal Aircraft Factory B . E . 2C, and single examples of Royal Aircraft Factory F . E . 2D and Vickers F . B . 9, along with some replacement airframes, bringing the total to 120 aircraft . In addition to the aircraft, numerous spares were sent, including engines and ancillary equipment such as cameras and seaplane beaching gear, along with 300 support vehicles consisting of motor transports, trailers and motorcycles.
  7. They were the "'Shin Meiwa LA "'( Light Amphibian ), a 40 passenger light amphibian for inter-island feeder service; the 400 passenger "'Shin Meiwa MA "'( Medium Amphibian ); the "'Shin Meiwa MS "'( Medium Seaplane ) a 300 passenger long range flying boat with its own beaching gear; and the gargantuan "'Shin Meiwa GS "'( Giant Seaplane ) that has a passenger capacity of an astonishing twelve-hundred ( 1200 ) passengers seated on three decks!
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