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  1. -- Anyone interested in some beachfront property in Van Nuys?
  2. Ron and Lucy Kerner bought their beachfront dream house last September.
  3. A beachfront house three doors away had been reduced to rubble.
  4. The plane was flying parallel to the beachfront, they said.
  5. Tran was born in the Vietnamese beachfront town of Quin Hon.
  6. The resort rents one-or two-bedroom beachfront condominiums.
  7. Here was a beachfront hideaway, fed by a canyon stream.
  8. We were as surprised as anyone to have a beachfront property,
  9. Members of Tulum's ejido began selling the beachfront property.
  10. Some beachfront spreads are fetching as much as $ 8 million.
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  1. a strip of land running along a beach

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