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  1. It will show a kind of broadening of a Republican beachhead.
  2. Sadly, education reform remains stalled on the beachhead in Arizona.
  3. There may not be as many beachheads stormed as opportunities denied.
  4. After that, he pretty much lost sight of the beachhead.
  5. The fighting on the beachhead at Iwo Jima was very fierce.
  6. Seize and secure a beachhead in the vicinity of Anzio 2.
  7. Napoleon attacked the Turkish beachheads and annihilated their army at Aboukir.
  8. Only a handful of Luftwaffe operations were launched against the beachheads.
  9. The British commanders poured further reinforcements in to secure the beachhead.
  10. She escorted convoys to the beachhead and provided antiaircraft defense there.
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