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  1. The Beachmaster advised that no pontoons were available.
  2. Barbadian singer Geoffrey Holder sang the deleted song " The Beachmaster " for the film.
  3. At 0630 the Beachmaster and Communications team, Marine observers and newspaper correspondents arrived aboard.
  4. The beachmaster, Lieutenant Commander J . M . Band, was fatally wounded making his way to Scarlet Beach.
  5. Problems clearing the beach of obstructions led to the beachmaster calling a halt to further landings of vehicles at 08 : 30.
  6. He joined combined operations, and was mentioned in dispatches for his work as a beachmaster during the landings in North Africa and Sicily.
  7. Upon completion of his two-year stint as a low-ranking " beachmaster, " he was never asked to reenlist.
  8. When his whaleboat grounded in knee-deep water, MacArthur requested a landing craft, but the beachmaster was too busy to grant his request.
  9. On D-Day, 6 June 1944, Gueritz went ashore on Sword Beach at 0800 as the third most senior member of the beachmaster party.
  10. The Beachmaster and Communications team left the ship which was then assigned to the anti-submarine screen for the LST Tractor Group at Peleliu until 25 September.
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