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• उल्व
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  1. Meanwhile, Owens says she has sacrificed to support Amnia.
  2. Plair said he didn't send Amnia more because he knew sometimes Owens received welfare.
  3. Constantine was married to Maria of Amnia and the imperial couple had two daughters, Euphrosyne and a younger Irene.
  4. In January 795 Emperor Constantine VI, divorced his wife, Maria of Amnia and Tarasios reluctantly condoned the divorce.
  5. This Christmas, 3-year-old Amnia Plair isn't getting the Playschool doll house she wanted Santa to bring.
  6. After the death of Thekla, in c . 823, Michael II married Euphrosyne, a daughter of Constantine VI and Maria of Amnia.
  7. Maria of Amnia, Philaretos's granddaughter, had married the emperor Constantine VI largely at the insistence of his powerful mother Empress Irene.
  8. It is postulated that Faustus married the noblewoman Amnia Demetrias, with whom he probably had at least two sons : Amnius Anicius Julianus, Sextus Anicius Faustus Paulinus, the Roman consul of AD 325.
  9. He then divorced his wife Maria of Amnia, who had failed to provide him with a male heir, and married his mistress Theodote, an unpopular and possibly illegal act, although the Patriarch ignored it.
  10. Anicia Demetrias, born around 398, was the daughter of Anicius Hermogenianus Olybrius, consul in 395, and of Amnia; she is described as the noblest and richest person in the Roman world in the 410s.
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