zaniest meaning in Hindi

zaniest sentence in Hindi
• बेवकूफ़
• भांड
• मसखरा
• बौड़म
• ठठोलिया

• नासमझ
• पागल
• बेवकूफ
• मूर्ख
• सनकी
• भाँड़
• हास्यास्पद
• विदूषक जैसा
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  1. How dare she take The Zaniest Redhead's name in vain.
  2. Inc .'s could be the zaniest yet.
  3. The best stuff here is also the zaniest.
  4. Web bloodletting was just a sidelight to one of the zaniest trading days ever.
  5. "We've probably been the zaniest fund-raiser so far.
  6. The zaniest buffoons are generally virtual churchmice offscreen.
  7. The boa constrictor figured in one of the zaniest scenes any team ever witnessed.
  8. He was described by one journalist as'the zaniest runner of all time '.
  9. Sandelin may be the zaniest of the three Swedes who could spice up the Ryder Cup.
  10. The zaniest zaniness of all is the city's love-hate relationship with its cars.
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