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  1. Minor-league baseball means promotions, the zanier the better.
  2. The zanier the holder, the better it seems to sell.
  3. Then there is the zanier end of the affinity-card trade.
  4. He's into zanier things, as he has a pierced tongue.
  5. And the zanier stunts can be traced beyond Carson and Paar to Steve Allen.
  6. But in late September every night would be like Friday night, if not zanier.
  7. Compelling folk-art images, the zanier the better, have always attracted Pearson.
  8. One reporter, obviously expecting the zanier Shore, asked why he was so downbeat.
  9. Steel's tastes are broader, zanier and less tied to any particular compositional style.
  10. Smith also commented that Daphne wore " zanier clothes " than she did and was more outgoing.

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