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  1. How wrenching to learn that something so airy and tasty, and
  2. It is a wrenching piece, steeped in love and honor.
  3. Riley said, " were gut-wrenching ."
  4. A lot of people are faced with a gut wrenching decision,
  5. It's a decidedly gut-wrenching part for Principal.
  6. The wrenching experience served as a dividing line, he says.
  7. It was also the most emotionally wrenching exhibition I have seen.
  8. "That was wrenching, " he said Wednesday.
  9. "That is what's so heart-wrenching.
  10. The loss, Hall conceded, was particularly gut-wrenching.
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  1. causing great physical or mental suffering; "a wrenching pain"

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