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  1. Wren agrees that businesses get some return for their lobbying dollars.
  2. She shows up in Wren's wife's office.
  3. The Wrens were carried through the hall by the pushing mob.
  4. Wren said, " but there's no deadline.
  5. The Rangers interviewed Wren in 1994 before they hired Doug Melvin.
  6. Frank Wren, the Orioles'general manager, said Tuesday.
  7. Their kids became minicelebrities at Cactus Wren Elementary School innorthwest Phoenix.
  8. `Yeah ?'said Wren ` Who is it ?'
  9. That has given tree sitters like Remedy and Wren new fans.
  10. Wren was at the ballpark to oversee Rocker's arrival.
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