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  1. Kadru is also portrayed as more scheming and wily than Vinata.
  2. Vinata, Kadru's sister, is another wife of Kashyapa.
  3. Vinata became jealous as her eggs had not hatched.
  4. He had two wives, Vinata and Kadru, who were daughters of Prajapathi Daksha.
  5. Vinata thus became the slave of Kadru.
  6. After a long time Kadru gave birth to a thousand eggs and Vinata to two eggs.
  7. Vinata and Garuda did as directed.
  8. While Kadru gives birth to a thousand ngas, Vinata has two sons, AruGa and Garuda.
  9. She challenges Vinata to guess the colour of the tail of Uchchaihshravas, the divine white horse.
  10. As a result, Vinata loses the bet and she and her sons must become the slaves of Kadru and her sons.

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