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  1. It was formerly considered a subspecies of the vinaceous rosefinch.
  2. The breast is vinaceous, the abdomen and under tail coverts are white.
  3. Vinaceous dove is a small, stocky pigeon, typically 25 cm in length.
  4. More extreme specimens are completely bright vinaceous above and below and speckled with blackish.
  5. The spores are vinaceous-brown in iodine.
  6. The hindwings have dark vinaceous drab postmedial line which is narrow on the costa.
  7. Male upperside is vinaceous ( colour of red wine ) brown, the veins ochraceous brown.
  8. The vinaceous when cut or bruised.
  9. The forewings are shaded with tilleul-buff, with vinaceous-buff, obscure markings.
  10. The forewings are pale ochraceous buff with scattered large black scales and vinaceous-fawn shading in the cell.


  1. of or relating to wine
  1. of the color of wine

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