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  1. Ivy and vinca don't have to be plain green.
  2. Writer Vincas Krv-Mickevi ius became the new Prime Minister.
  3. The music and lyrics were written in 1898 by Vincas Kudirka.
  4. Then, he and his friend Vincas venture into a forest.
  5. The flowers _ vincas _ are becoming a Rimsza trademark.
  6. Each spring and fall, she plants petunias, snapdragons and vincas.
  7. Vinca, chrysanthemums, ivy and impatiens are among its many victims.
  8. I tried vinca, but this summer it looked burned.
  9. Seed for the vinca and cleome is available from Park and Jung.
  10. The facility at Vinca east of Belgrade was last inspected in January.

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