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  1. The sisters endured harsh and unloving treatment from their grandparents.
  2. Indeed the church has often been profoundly unloving toward the GLBT community.
  3. Pooja lives in a big house with unloving parents.
  4. Estella points out that Miss Havisham taught her to be hard-hearted and unloving.
  5. At the same time, it isn't unloving to talk about sin ."
  6. He portrayed Kitty Menendez as a drunken and unloving mother who may have tried to poison him.
  7. It is not uncommon for two individuals who love each other to experience the other as unloving.
  8. Other researchers had hypothesized that unloving, neglectful, or excessively perfectionist parenting could play a role.
  9. Her daughter Dagmra 6imele depicted Asja in her memoirs in 1996 as a selfish and unloving mother.
  10. Raised without a father, Sakiko felt her mother was cold, brusque and unloving toward her.
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  1. not giving or reciprocating affection

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