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अभिघात केंद्र
trauma:    घाव चोट सदमा
centre:    मध्य में लगाना
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  1. It is an accredited pediatric level I trauma centre by the Trauma Association of Canada.
  2. The village has also the only modern nursing home in Gopalganj named " Harson hospital & Trauma centre.
  3. In 2012, the hospital opened the Peninsula Trauma Centre, receiving patients 400 by Air Ambulance each year.
  4. Divaris died in her sleep on 5 December 2015, at the Borrowdale Clinic Trauma Centre, from pneumonia.
  5. He presented the 2012 Channel 4 series Extreme A & E where he visited trauma centres all over the world.
  6. It is the trauma centre for east Dorset and provides specialist services such as cancer treatment for the entire county.
  7. The QEUH is the Regional Major Trauma Centre for the west of Scotland and is also the largest hospital campus in Europe.
  8. Law does charity work for organisations such as Make Poverty History, the Rhys Daniels Trust, and the WAVE Trauma Centre.
  9. It is also home to one of four major trauma centres and one of eight hyper-acute stroke units for London.
  10. In May 2013, the hospital became a major trauma centre for Teesside, County Durham, North Yorkshire and surrounding areas.
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