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  1. The couple have a son, composer and organist Toomas Trass.
  2. Trass is married to Estonian actress Raine Loo.
  3. Brick was baked on the spot and mortar and trass were imported from Barbados and the Netherlands.
  4. Founded by Helma Trass in 1961, it still remains the most well-known Montessori school in Ontario.
  5. In the Eifel region of Germany a trachytic, pumiceous tuff called trass has been extensively worked as a hydraulic mortar.
  6. This conflicts with council staff analysis that puts the 5 year cost at $ 2.8 million and was disputed in the same article by Barry Trass of Prosper Northland.
  7. In 2012, Sild returned to the screen as the character Ilme in the Anna Hints directed dramatic short " Vaba maa ", opposite actors Rita Raave and Raivo Trass.
  8. The grouting for the rubble blocks was compacted from four parts sand, one part trass delivered in lumps from Andernach, and five parts slaked lime from Tournai, which was known for the quality of its hydraulic lime.
  9. Returning down under, Lester drove a Ferrari 458 for Trass Family Motorsport in the 2015 Australian GT Championship, scoring multiple qualifying records with three pole positions in a row and pole position in five of the seven championship rounds.
  10. During construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, the City of Los Angeles found deposits of Tuff at Fairmont Butte that closely resembled German Trass and Italian Pozzolana and was an ideal ingredient to blend and use in the production of cement.
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