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traumas sentence in Hindi
मानसिक आघात
मानसिक क्षति
कटु अनुभव
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  1. The traumas occurred from three months to years before the study.
  2. "It's a trauma for our whole country.
  3. Rikki's reaction to her traumas was to cease speaking.
  4. Yeltsin determined after the October trauma to low-key everything.
  5. It was a trauma from which she has never fully recovered.
  6. The trauma was we didn't KNOW how to dress.
  7. There would be so much trauma at the time of death.
  8. The trauma that Oklahoma City residents have suffered cannot be denied.
  9. The trauma was so intense that Germans still fear its return.
  10. My memories are still vivid; my trauma is still there,
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