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• टोनेलाइट
• ल्यूकोटोनेलाइट
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  1. A greater amount of plagioclase would designate the rock as tonalite.
  2. The Federal Golf Course Tonalite introduces some veins and saccharoidal galena.
  3. These basalts were intruded by a tonalite pluton shortly after their eruption.
  4. In older references tonalite is sometimes used as a synonym for quartz diorite.
  5. This intrusion is known as Federal Golf Course Tonalite.
  6. Most of the mineral deposits are close to the tonalite-schist contact.
  7. They are like rocks called TTG ( Tonalite-Trondhjemite-Granodiorite ).
  8. The mountain made of Cretaceous Orthogneiss, and Tonalite.
  9. Minerals in the tonalite are quartz, plagioclase, alkali feldspar and hornblende.
  10. Granodiorite, tonalite and diorite are most common intrusive rocks found in continental arcs.
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