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  1. The Ferrari's steering is laser sharp and telepathically quick.
  2. Gardner was able to interrupt the wedding by contacting Limbo telepathically.
  3. Morriss believes they are being telepathically controlled by an unknown enemy.
  4. He telepathically overhears thoughts blaming him for Tylendel's death.
  5. Miki then telepathically convinces Baby Godzilla to leave Japan with Godzilla.
  6. They become telepathically aware of the lovemaking of Damon and Ellemir.
  7. Later, as they rest, Brenda communicates telepathically with Thomas.
  8. Amy only talks through her mind for a period, telepathically.
  9. Wormwood helps them to escape by communicating telepathically with the sickos.
  10. The blob greets him telepathically with the message " Hi pal!
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