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  1. Jones and Steve Young have a telepathic sense for each other.
  2. I think if he could be telepathic, he would be.
  3. No telepathic " hit " was scored this day.
  4. Same goes for the near-telepathic Davis sessions compiled here.
  5. The Tiara allows Wonder Woman to be invulnerable from telepathic attacks.
  6. Namor possesses a telepathic rapport with all forms of marine life.
  7. Enraged, Vale uses his telepathic power to kill the assassins.
  8. Later in the series Colbey acquires powerful telepathic and psychic abilities.
  9. Mulder's condition worsens, but he gains telepathic abilities.
  10. Contacting the Martian Manhunter, Oracle organizes a global telepathic link.
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  1. communicating without apparent physical signals

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