taking possession meaning in Hindi

taking possession sentence in Hindi
• आधिपत्य
• दखलअ
• कब्जा
taking:    उत्तेजना ग्रहण
possession:    आधिपत्य कब्जा
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  1. The hand I write with is already flexed to take possession.
  2. They scare everyone away and take possession of the old mansion.
  3. The consignee takes possession of the goods subject to a trust.
  4. Guaimar set out to take possession of his new principality immediately.
  5. The chooser takes possession of the ball and selects a topic.
  6. Ameinias then invited Antigonus to take possession of the conquered city.
  7. Advocates of taking possession argue for the peace of mind it brings.
  8. Check your vehicle carefully before you take possession of it.
  9. Fisher will take possession of Second Chance at 6 months.
  10. Haber takes possession of the phiale from Veres and returns to Zurich.
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