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  1. Back home, he would fire up the computer and pains-takingly enter the data.
  2. Decode's project is simple and breath-takingly ambitious, relying on a happy confluence of factors.
  3. I find such an approach from an administrator both breath takingly arrogant and akin to cyber-bullying-surely all wikipedians should be accorded some respect and their point of view taken into consideration, rather than somebody thinking they have carte blanche to delete user contributions which they don't like.
  4. Jaakobou's examples are each ( I think ) me working to policy and trying to improve articles-eg I object to the quoting of a fringe theory from Hizb ut Tahrir once aired on the BBC . I seek to exclude a breath-takingly " surprising " claim by a worrying journalist in the " Washington Times " ( owned by a cult ), never picked up by any RS . I'm quite prepared to go through every one of these diffs-there may be one or two I've simply been wrong, but overwhelmingly I'll have been trying to use good sources properly-overwhelmingly, it's been Jaakobou and " allies " who have been distorting the sources.
  5. By Tuesday, Daub was clearly the favorite of both the media and the public and the next morning's " Los Angeles Times " would describe her as " a virtually perfect 19-year-old blonde, who is becoming a favorite to win the Miss Universe crown . " Another " Times " article would refer to her as " the exquisitely beautiful Miss Germany . " The press soon came up with another nickname for Daub-- " Germany's Blonde Venus . " The " Austin Daily Herald " would refer to her as " the breath-takingly beautiful Gerti Daub . " The " Los Angeles Herald-Express " would call her " the almost unanimous choice of television viewers and press photographers . " Another article in the same paper would say, " Germany's entrant in the lavish spectacle, blonde, delicate Gerti Daub seemed an overwhelming favorite ."

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