tailwind meaning in Hindi

[ 'teilˌwind ] sound:
tailwind sentence in Hindi
अनुकूल हवा
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  1. "There was a tailwind, " he said.
  2. With a legal tailwind, he has a shot at 19.
  3. That's also the last time we had a tailwind.
  4. The runners benefited from temperatures near 60 and a friendly tailwind.
  5. Tailwind is ending, the Cold War is the new news.
  6. I was giving her tips on how to row a tailwind.
  7. She said the gusty southerly tailwind didn't bother her.
  8. If anything, the race was aided by a slight tailwind.
  9. But the strong tailwind might have made it a bit quicker.
  10. In a special report on " Operation Tailwind,"
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  1. wind blowing in the same direction as the path of a ship or aircraft

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