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अनियंत्रित गिरावट
चक्राकार गोता
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  1. The New Zealand dollar took a tailspin and interest rates tumbled.
  2. Their comments helped send it into a two-year tailspin.
  3. The news sent steel and bank stocks into a tailspin today.
  4. 6 ) Will Jeff Bagwell avoid consecutive second-half tailspins?
  5. If that happens, the economy could go into a tailspin.
  6. The big issue was the whole organization was in a tailspin.
  7. A victory is crucial to salvage an even more severe tailspin.
  8. And the companies that supply these parts went into a tailspin.
  9. The team's tailspin could be a blessing in disguise.
  10. Belanger went into an emotional tailspin that led to alchohol dependency.
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