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  1. The seeds can cure strangury, and are also beneficial in diseases of the blood, chest, lungs and liver.
  2. The severe case of his strangury described in the letter may reference his death, which would thus approximately date to 360.
  3. Tresham suffered from a strangury caused by an inflammation of his urinary tract, and in December 1605 his health began to decline.
  4. He died 28 October 1561 of the strangury, according to the diary of Henry Machyn, and was buried at St Stephen Walbrook on 5 November.
  5. In 1669, pleading old age and infirmities, he retired to a revered advisory position, but he suffered painfully in the last years of his life from cancer, which was then referred to as the " strangury ".
  6. It seems odd to me that someone can know the meaning of words such as oreochiette, strangury, apophatic, scrim, proleptically, and nosology but have no idea what  &  is called, through there being no readily available reference which explains that this squiggle is called an ampersand and is short for  and.
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