strangulating meaning in Hindi

strangulating sentence in Hindi
गला घोंटकर मारना
गला घोंट कर मारना
गला घोटना
अवरुद्ध होना
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  1. Strangulated hernias are always painful and pain is followed by tenderness.
  2. Deepa, wife of Pravin, was strangulated to death yesterday.
  3. They couldn't talk-- just strangulated mumbles ."
  4. John Major and Prince Charles, as ever, typify a strangulated compromise.
  5. This partially explains that strangulated, mucousy gurgle that passes for his voice.
  6. First, he kills Gogin Rao by strangulating him with a thin wire.
  7. He said that about 60 babies were choked or strangulated to death every year.
  8. On 17 November, her strangulated bowel burst.
  9. Three days before the fight, Ali needed emergency surgery for a strangulated hernia.
  10. Therefore, strangulated graphs include maximal planar graphs.
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