strangulation meaning in Hindi

[ strægjʊ'leiʃ(ə)n ] sound:
strangulation sentence in Hindi
गला घोटना
गला घोंट कर हत्या
गला घोंटना

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  1. The death they are preparing for us is death by strangulation.
  2. It leads to economic strangulation and a lack of self confidence.
  3. Arden said strangulation is difficult to diagnose when examining only bones.
  4. His chilling calculations repeatedly lead to strangulation, gunshots and death.
  5. Co-sleeping also increases the risks of suffocation and strangulation.
  6. Full recovery is usually made within seconds if the strangulation stops.
  7. Will " kills " Casey, who fakes strangulation by curtain.
  8. He was martyred by strangulation after refusing to deny his faith.
  9. The medical examiner corroborated that the cause of death was strangulation.
  10. Manual strangulation and suffocation may also be considered together with hanging.
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  1. the act of suffocating (someone) by constricting the windpipe; "no evidence that the choking was done by the accused"
    synonyms:, ,
  2. (pathology) constriction of a body part so as to cut off the flow of blood or other fluid; "strangulation of the intestine"
  3. the condition of having respiration stopped by compression of the air passage

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