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  1. It's a matter of things like stitching and buttons.
  2. How can surgeons do delicate stitching while the heart still beats?
  3. Stitching the greater St . Louis metropolitan area together is another.
  4. Infibulation involves stitching together the labia to largely cover the vagina.
  5. The off-season was spent stitching the unit back together.
  6. It takes extraordinary skill to exercise so much variation in stitching.
  7. "Look at the stitching, " he said.
  8. Nine months of weaving and stitching are almost at an end.
  9. A local trader gives her cloth and pays for the stitching.
  10. His wife, mother and two friends helped with the stitching.


  1. joining or attaching by stitches

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