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• अंकुरित
• उत्पन्न
• अंकुरि‍त
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  1. Your little angel has mysteriously sprouted tiny, needle sharp teeth!
  2. The north tower recently sprouted signs for Hertz and Maxwell House.
  3. Initial offerings that sprouted in Massachusetts are a varied lot too.
  4. A cottage industry of books about religion and politics has sprouted.
  5. The telephones on airplanes have recently sprouted jacks for modem connections.
  6. Part of the problem is that they sprouted suddenly and rapidly.
  7. Computer and sporting goods superstores have sprouted all over the country.
  8. In the last seven years, three newsletters have sprouted up.
  9. In a measure of prison pride, museums have sprouted up.
  10. The expansion of shift work has sprouted a host of consultancies.
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  1. (of growing vegetation) having just emerged from the ground; "the corn is sprouted"

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