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• दाँतेदार पहिया

• दांतेदार पहिया
sprocket:    दाँतेदर पहिया
wheel:    घिरनी चक्कर चक्कर
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  1. The spool always rotates the same angular amount to advance the film without a sprocket wheel drive.
  2. The frame counter dial rotates during rewind as long as the film passes the sprocket wheel drum.
  3. During continuous contact printing, the raw stock and the negative are placed next to one another around the sprocket wheel of the printer.
  4. Calabrese and Sons Inc . of Mechanicsburg won a $ 429, 335 contract from the Defense Supply Center in Columbus, Ohio, for sprocket wheels.
  5. The solution to this was to have sprocket wheels at the rear of the tank so power was delivered to the propellers by the tank's tracks.
  6. The more sprocket wheels at the back wheels confined space ( historically 3-6, actually 7, 8, 9 or even 10 speeds ) the narrower the chain.
  7. No sprocket wheel is employed; instead, the film is pulled by, and wound onto the drum that always rotates the same angular amount for next picture frame.
  8. In 1906, local blacksmith H . C . Payne built Scottsboro's first homemade automobile, which was made with a wooden frame, four sprocket wheels, and hand-powered cranks.
  9. To prevent throwing, the inner surface of the track links usually have vertical guide horns engaging grooves, or gaps between the doubled road and idler / sprocket wheels.
  10. On an Ultimate machine, tickets were issued pressing a lever downwards, which, via a ratchet and a three-toothed sprocket wheel, pushed out a ticket ( with the sprockets fitting holes in the ticket roll ).
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  1. thin wheel with teeth that engage with a chain

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