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• खामोशी से
• बिना बोले
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  1. The clown meets Fay and is speechlessly smitten by her.
  2. They all stare, speechlessly while Frank mourns the loss of his love.
  3. We stood speechlessly, and fearfully, for a moment, glancing alternately at each other and fleetingly at Mrs . Key.
  4. The two sisters moved speechlessly through the Georgian revival house on Power Street, the official residence of the president of Brown University.
  5. Reiko's faithful is a zombified ( and significantly more scantily-clad ) Yurikawa, now mindlessly and speechlessly bound to Reiko's will.
  6. Though Hitler felt an immediate antipathy against Manstein for being too arrogant and aloof, he listened speechlessly to his exposition and was impressed by Manstein's logic . " Certainly an exceptionally clever fellow, with great operational gifts, but I don't trust him, " Hitler remarked after Manstein had left.
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