sluice meaning in Hindi

[ slu:s ] sound:
sluice sentence in Hindi
• नाली
• मोरी
• जलमार्ग से भेजना
• तेज धार से बहना
• जलमार्ग से निकालना
• जलमार्ग
• नहर
• जलद्वार

• कुल्या
• स्लुइस
• स्लूइस
• मोरी
• गीला करना
• मूसलधार बरसना
• जलमार्ग से भेजना
• तेज धार से बहना
• जलमार्ग से निकालना
• धोना
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  1. William Cubitt and James Elliott rebuilt Scots Float Sluice in 1844.
  2. Excess water from the canal was released through a sluice gate.
  3. Haven House Sluice is first, after which the channel splits.
  4. It has been replaced by a sluice with rising sector gates.
  5. The bubbler pool could be drained by opening its sluice gates.
  6. The amount of soil sluiced away in this way seems incredible.
  7. A three-door sluice controls flow out of the canal.
  8. Many hobbyists simply use a gold pan or a sluice box.
  9. A sluice must be put back in the mill-race.
  10. Consolidated constructed a new head gate and sluice after the purchase.
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  1. conduit that carries a rapid flow of water controlled by a sluicegate
    synonyms:sluiceway, penstock
  1. irrigate with water from a sluice; "sluice the earth"
  2. draw through a sluice; "sluice water"
  3. transport in or send down a sluice; "sluice logs"
  4. pour as if from a sluice; "An aggressive tide sluiced across the barrier reef"
    synonyms:sluice down

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