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  1. Each blast of the shofar brought renewed hope in the men.
  2. Gobble a juicy Goliath Burger and snap up a souvenir shofar.
  3. They hadn't seen a shofar for three years.
  4. We are busy blowing the shofar alerting our merciful but vengeful God.
  5. But when they blow the shofar I run out of the shul.
  6. Let the rabbi come to them with the shofar, they pleaded.
  7. You hear a loud chorus of shofars, some off-pitch,
  8. Epcar last Saturday gave a class in how to sound a shofar.
  9. The shofar itself can be a symbol for many things,
  10. The Torah commands its people to hear the shofar on Rosh Hashana.


  1. an ancient musical horn made from the horn of a ram; used in ancient times by the Israelites to sound a warning or a summons; used in synagogues today on solemn occasions

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