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  1. The wicket door has pilasters on either side unseen in other Virginia colonial churches.
  2. The western inner entrance is now a wicket door patterned after that of Yeocomico Church although it is unpainted.
  3. The inset wicket door also has a pair of strap hinges that are miniature images of the larger door with similar construction from horizontal boards.
  4. Each pilaster consists of the following structure from the bottom at the water table to the top : water table  five bricks ( identical in height to rest of the water table ); border of beveled brick; pillar  11 convex bricks one brick wide; a torus-shaped border brick; a pillar of 8 horizontally convex bricks; a border brick of an ovolo with a flat edge on top; the apex of two bricks in the form of a flattened arrow; and a tip of a half-sphere one-half brick wide [ see the gallery picture of the wicket door ].

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