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  1. Major economic activities include carpentry and the manufacture of silverwork and wickerwork.
  2. There is evidence from vase paintings for cradles of wickerwork or wood.
  3. The pond was equipped with a long cone-shaped wickerwork tunnel.
  4. Roofs were made of bark and walls could be wickerwork or bark.
  5. Baskets and other wickerwork are usually made by men.
  6. Also on display are examples of craftmenship like weaving, wickerwork and fishing.
  7. There are examples of ex-servicemen doing wickerwork and other small handicrafts.
  8. The town has a long tradition of wickerwork.
  9. Hauberks and large wooden or wickerwork shields were used as a protection in combat.
  10. Ironwork, carpetry, wickerwork, basketweaving, wineskins are all popular traditional trades.
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