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  1. The Rotary Club then re-built the wading pool in the Botanical Gardens.
  2. This level also includes basketball courts, a playground, and a wading pool.
  3. The main dish here was the size of a children's wading pool.
  4. The other news : it had to be an inflatable wading pool.
  5. The 500-dunam visitors reserve features wading pools filled with natural spring water.
  6. A place where they can dip their paws into a wading pool.
  7. Concrete wading pools come in many shapes, traditionally rectangle, square or circle.
  8. The only serious temptation was a wading pool full of pet crabs.
  9. Blackburn, for instance, leaves his wading pool up and filled all summer.
  10. A children's wading pool, meanwhile, provides a separate area for the little ones.
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