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  1. The Rangers, though, have not proved the Yankees " vincible ."
  2. Instead, the Bronx sent Luilly Vinas to the mound, which made the team vincible.
  3. While invincible ignorance eliminates culpability, vincible ignorance at most mitigates it, and may even aggravate guilt.
  4. Thus vincible and invincible ignorance only can be applied to matters that a person has a duty to know about.
  5. The guilt of an action performed in vincible ignorance ought to be measured by the degree of diligence or negligence shown in performing the act.
  6. If some insufficient diligence was shown in dispelling ignorance, it is termed " merely " vincible; it may diminish culpability to the point of rendering a sin venial.
  7. Jordan _ yes, the invincible M . J . _ had been wildly vincible, hitting on just 38 percent of his shots, although he was 12 of 24 against the Hornets.
  8. Hoping to put up one last offensive fight, the Braves instead made a hero out of Roger Clemens, the only Yankee pitcher who'd been vincible this postseason after a season of shortcomings.
  9. Aquinas reasoned that acting contrary to conscience is an evil action but an errant conscience is only blameworthy if it is the result of culpable or vincible ignorance of factors that one has a duty to have knowledge of.
  10. "Over the last several years, we've seen lots of examples of the premier invincible companies . . . IBM, Kodak, General Motors, who have all of a sudden become vincible for some reason,"
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