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  1. Weakness and vacuity are what we see in the Clinton administration.
  2. After 50 years of television, vacuity makes us feel comfortable.
  3. The vacuities are much larger in " Eremoryzomys ".
  4. She's a surreal parody of bombshell vacuity.
  5. Elevator music of appropriate vacuity is merely annoying.
  6. But if this all gave the impression of vacuity, it was not true.
  7. Phyllotini all have very large sphenopalatine vacuities, as does " Sigmodon ".
  8. Their intellectual vacuity in this year's campaign was apparent well before 9 / 11.
  9. If yin and yang become unbalanced, one of the qualities is considered deficient or has vacuity.
  10. The scandal demonstrated the " emptiness and vacuity of the existing legislation " governing election campaign donations.
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