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  1. Antonio Banderas plays the troubled thief who inherits the titular mask.
  2. But not Al Gore, titular leader of the Democratic Party.
  3. Its titular tiltings are scarcely unique among summer and fall films.
  4. The Vice President serves as titular head of the combined Assembly.
  5. On 1 December 1390 he was made Titular Patriarch of Constantinople.
  6. In January 1626 Pamphili was appointed titular Latin Patriarch of Antioch.
  7. The titular resided at Agathopolis, in Ottoman days called Akht�bolou.
  8. The Peshwa was the titular equivalent of a modern Prime Minister.
  9. The issue of titular honours would appear whenever honours were mentioned.
  10. I fell under that titular avalanche a torn and blighted thing.
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