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  1. There may also be tremor of the head and trunk ( titubation ) in individuals with cerebellar ataxia.
  2. The limbs show weakness, incoordination in voluntary movement, dysdiadochokinesis ( in inability to perform rapidly alternating movements ), and titubation.
  3. "I like the calm manner, the _ let's call it titubation _ when he can't make up his mind,"
  4. In the first ( ambulant ) stage, the infected individual may exhibit unsteady stance and gait, decreased muscle control, tremors, difficulty pronouncing words ( dysarthria ), and titubation.
  5. Secondary symptoms commonly observed are dysarthria ( a speech disorder characterized by poor articulation and slurred speech ), nystagmus ( rapid involuntary eye movement, especially rolling of the eyes ), gait problems ( abnormality in walking ), and postural tremor or titubation ( to-and-fro movements of the neck and trunk ).

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