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  1. Teague is not the straightjacket the Commonwealth misunderstands it to be.
  2. We tend to think of this design straightjacket as a liability.
  3. They held off the cap and slipped on a straightjacket.
  4. The lifejacket of one generation can become the straightjacket of the next,
  5. In general, lawyers are presented as pettifoggers and contracts as straightjackets.
  6. We put nature in a straightjacket to make it produce pure notes.
  7. Just as Miami coach Leonard Hamilton emphasized straightjacket defense, so does Watson.
  8. But his success had the effect of placing him in a sanguine straightjacket.
  9. And I'm getting a straightjacket fitted for this year ."
  10. It is in no way a straightjacket that all plants articles must meet.
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